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Boat and other trash turn neighborhood into eyesore

Boat, trash turn neighborhood into eyesore
Posted at 12:45 PM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 11:37:22-04

Neighbors are sick of seeing it. Heaps of trash, junk, abandoned vehicles, and even a large boat have appeared recently near Lamb and Lake Mead Blvd.


More specifically, it's happening in the neighborhood along Dolly Lane.


Pictures provided to Contact 13, show the items thrown onto the sidewalk and into a private lot. 


"You have to drive by there everyday, and I know once they start dumping little things, there's going to be a lot more to come," said Maria Gomez.


Gomez has become the cleanup crusader. She reached out to Contact 13 in September, after a similar situation cropped up. In that case, crews cleaned up the junk and the area remained clean for a period of time.


"How frustrated are you that every time it gets cleaned up, more stuff shows up?" asked Reporter Joe Bartels.


"It is very frustrating! It's an eyesore!" said Gomez.


Contact 13 reached out to Clark County about the recent trash dumping. Workers took immediate action and removed everything, including the boat.


"I was very surprised that it was cleaned up that fast!" added Gomez.


A county spokesperson tells Contact 13, if workers have to cleanup the mess on private property, they will simply place a lien against the owner for the cost.


Gomez said the neighborhood is beginning to come together. She wants to start a neighborhood watch program to crack down on the illegal dumping.


Contact 13 spoke to the land owner by phone. He said he spends hundreds of dollars every month on cleanup costs. He says random people dump the items and he's forced to deal with the bill.


The owner is looking into a new fence to prevent people from dumping more trash.

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