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Best and worst drug store purchases

Posted at 11:00 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 12:10:32-05

There are about a hundred locations across the Las Vegas valley. Chances are you live close to one and you've probably sent money there. But are you overpaying when you shop at your local drug store? Contact 13 looks at some of the best and worst deals.

"I'm going in to pick up my prescription... But there always seems to be something else that I find when I go in there," says drug store shopper, Shannon.

It's true. Something catches your eye, and one purchase turns into two or three.

"When you're there you run through your head, what else do I need? What else do I need really quick? Deodorant, toothpaste, things like that," says drug store shopper, Chris.

But you maybe getting a raw deal depending on what you buy. So what should you avoid? Super shopper Channelle Beller says don't reach for the batteries.

"We all know, if you have children they go through 10 trillion of them. I have a teenage son, I think he eats them," says Channelle.

Batteries are expensive to begin with. So Channelle says for the best deal, try warehouse club stores. Another purchase worth skipping, holiday decorations. Channelle admits she's guilty of grabbing stuff she didn't need.

"Was it a good idea to purchase it? Probably not, because I probably could have used something else. But I'm a sucker and I bought it," says Channelle.

You'll probably find something more affordable at discount stores like TJ Maxx or Ross. Speaking of holidays or any celebration that involves presents, you'll probably pay a premium for gift wrap at the drug store. To save money, try Dollar Tree.

And finally one other major temptation. Those always popular As Seen On TV items.

"I wouldn't take the time out to buy it online. So if it happens to be in front of my face and I'm interested, I'd probably end up spending the extra money on it," says Shannon.

But you can usually find this stuff for a lot less on Amazon. 

So can you make any smart purchases during your next trip to the drug store. The answer is yes. 

You can find deals on paper products like toilet paper and tissues, pantry items like cereal and peanut butter. Plus great bargains at the photo lab. There's also affordable prices on makeup.

"Mascara for instance, I love a particular brand of mascara and they will often have buy one get one free. Buy one get one 50% off. Love it," says Channelle.

Channelle says in the end, whatever you're buying, chances are you've saved yourself some time by stopping at your local drug store.

"Convenience is one of those things you can't put a price on. Sometimes, time is invaluable," says Channelle.

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