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Search for stolen wedding photos

Posted at 5:29 PM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:46:26-05
A desperate bride is asking for help after she said her wedding memories were stolen. To add insult to injury, the bride's photographer was then scammed.
Photographer Meghan Lambka took to Facebook and said the case carrying the memory cards with Alexandra Cornea's wedding photos was stolen.
Cornea is devastated.
"It's pretty terrible, we had such a beautiful ceremony, it was so picturesque and amazing and to just not have that anymore is just really hurtful and terrible," Cornea said of her ceremony at Mount Charleston.
Cornea and her husband Brian are from Michigan and planned a destination wedding in Las Vegas. Now, all the bride and groom have to remember the occasion are a few candid shots taken by guests and some pictures from a photoshoot at the Neon Boneyard the day after the wedding. There are no professional photos from the ceremony or reception.
Lambka said she called everyone and checked everywhere she could think of in her search for the case.  She last had it at the Monte Carlo hotel-casino and believes someone stole it because it looks a like a wallet.
On top of everything else, Lambka said she has since been scammed. Someone told her he bought the case, thinking it was stolen, so he could return it.
"He said that he bought it for $200 and in order for him to ship it to me he just wanted his money back, so me just being overly excited and not cautious at all, I sent him money and he disconnected his phone," explained Lambka.
Lambka is offering a reward. If you find the memory cards or know where they are you can turn them into the Monte Carlo's lost and found. You can also reach Lambka by email at Meghan.line@gmail.com or you can reach her on her Facebook page

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