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Should people in Las Vegas be concerned about possible gas shortage?

Posted at 12:14 PM, May 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-13 02:59:15-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — People in the southeast are panic buying gas after the Colonial Pipeline that runs from Virginia to Florida shut down. That news has made its way here and people are concerned if this will impact our gas supply.

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Here in Las Vegas, we get our gas supply from another pipeline, but is there cause for concern?

The Colonial Pipeline shutdown has people scrambling to get gas. Sydney Jaxtheimer in Virginia Beach hurried to the gas station, afraid she wouldn’t be able to make her sister’s graduation from Virginia Tech due to the gas shortage.

"My aunt texted me about there being no gas at her local gas stations. She texted me late at night. I was thinking oh my goodness my sister’s graduation is this weekend and I need to get there," said Jaxtheimer.

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She says it’s been hectic there with lines, comparing it to last year with people panic buying toilet paper.

"Now I’m thinking what if I get there and there is no gas in the college town and I’m not able to get home. That’s still a concern that I have but I’m just happy that I have a full tank right now and I’ll at least be able to get there to watch her graduate. Who knows, I may have to stay a few extra days than I intended," Jaxtheimer said.

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The Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE) and the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) put out a statement reading: “Energy assurance in Nevada is a priority for the Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE), and that includes collaboration with the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) on our fuel supply pipelines. GOE and NDA are in regular communication about our emergency plan, and both agencies maintain ongoing communication with stakeholders in respective industries.”

Cadence Matijevich, the division administrator Nevada Department of Agriculture Division of Consumer Equitability says: "The pipelines that serve PADD 5 are not impacted by what has taken place with the colonial pipeline. We don’t expect to see a direct impact here as a result of the situation at all."

So if we don’t have to worry about our gas supply, many are wondering why gas prices have been so high here.

"Gas prices differ around the country for a number of reasons. It can be time of year, distance that fuel needs to be transported, as well as something like a local tax rate," says Matijevich

The Nevada Department of Agriculture says it is not on high alert after what happened to the Colonial Pipeline because they are always vigilant in monitoring conditions that could affect fuel supplies in Nevada.