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Anti-semitic graffiti found near UNLV

Posted at 5:35 PM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-28 20:35:01-05
People living near the Paradise Palms community near Desert Inn Road and Eastern Avenue say every other day they are waking up to hateful messages. 
"It makes me mad. You know, you think, what's wrong with people," one of the neighbors, Bill Thomas, told 13 Action News.
It's not just about the graffiti; it's the message that is covering their neighborhood.
"The last month there's a big uptick in graffiti more towards anti-semitic graffiti," Thomas said.
13 Action News found some of that graffiti just one block away from an elementary school.  
"Little kids walking by, and saying mommy, what's that? It just sends a message that, I don't know. It makes me mad. It makes me mad anyway," Thomas said.
He's not the only one. The graffiti is also popping up near UNLV, but one of the fraternities on campus is sending a message back.
"This kind of stuff is not tolerated in the United States," said student Munib Hosny.
ΑΕΠ is organizing a "Rally Against Intolerance" as a response to the graffiti and an invitation to anyone who is feeling attacked.
"We as a community and we as a group are not going to stand for this kind of hatred. Our unity is stronger than their mongering," Hosny said.
Police tell me it is best not to cover up the graffiti until officers arrive. Leave everything just as it is. That way they can do their investigation and find the people responsible.