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2022 Midterm Election: Nevada candidates for Secretary of State, Cisco Aguilar and Jim Marchant

2022 Midterms: Candidates for Secretary of State
2022 Midterms: Candidates for Secretary of State
Posted at 12:34 PM, Nov 03, 2022

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Before the 2020 General Election and its unfounded claims of widespread election fraud, most people probably didn't know too much about the Secretary of State.

Due to the role the officeholder plays in elections, it has recently become a widely-known and highly-contested position among voters.

KTNV's Justin Hinton reached out to both candidates vying to become Nevada's next Secretary of State, Republican candidate Jim Marchant and Democratic candidate Cisco Aguilar. Hinton spoke to Cisco Aguilar for 5 minutes and he says the first legislation he would introduce would be to make it a felony to harass or intimidate election workers and volunteers.

After multiple attempts to reach out, Jim Marchant never responded to KTNV's request for an interview. Marchant's website says his number one priority will be to "overhaul the fraudulent election system in Nevada," despite the current Secretary of State — a republican — only finding a handful of fraudulent votes.

Consistent with previous interviews KTNV has shared, the interview with Cisco Aguilar is broken down so viewers can easily see his responses on different topics.

Cisco Aguilar (D, challenger)

Question: Why are you running for Secretary of State?

Cisco Aguilar on why he's running

Question: What would your role be as Secretary of State?

Cisco Aguilar on his Top Priorities

Issue: Election Integrity and the 2020 Election

Cisco Aguilar on the 2020 Election

Question: What would your goals be, if elected?

Cisco Aguilar on his Goals

Issue: Poll Worker Safety

Cisco Aguilar on Poll Worker Safety

Cisco Aguilar makes additional comments

Cisco Aguilar makes additional comments

Question: What's your final pitch to Nevada voters?

Cisco Aguilar on his Final Pitch to Voters

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