Good with Money

Worried about your finances? You are not alone.

Consumer debt has risen past $4 trillion, student debt is about $1.5 trillion and auto debt is at $1.3 trillion, according to a recent Wall Street Journal study. Digging deeper, an average resident in Nevada holds $8,250 of credit card debt, according to a study, and Las Vegas ranked as the 52nd most expensive rental market in the nation last month with the prices of one and two bedrooms settling at medians of $990 and $1,150 respectively according to Zumper.

There's so much bad financial news that it makes you want to avoid the subject altogether!

Don't stress though. 13 Connects has partnered with several organizations around Las Vegas that offer programs to help.

We have created six different personality profiles that may fit your current situation: Military families looking to make the most of their finances; young millennials trying to get their financial footing; families looking to rebound from past financial difficulties; people living paycheck to paycheck who are looking to get out of their constant financial struggle; students looking to pay for their college; and people who are preparing for a big purchase like a home or car.

Some of these profiles, or maybe none of them, may fit you at this time. However, each provides valuable insights and advice from each of our partners, as well as resources to help you navigate financial difficulties.

Click on the categories below to discover the programs offered for each learning category.