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Is your child acting out? Las Vegas agency provides free counseling services to families in need

Experts: Isolation leading to behavioral issues
Posted at 11:51 PM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-12 02:55:29-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Navigating adolescence is hard enough without a pandemic, and some children and teens had trouble properly working through their emotions during that difficult time. Experts say this can lead to behavioral issues at home.

David Robeck, the president and CEO of Bridge Counseling Services, says his counselors have seen a wide array of behavioral issues stemming from the isolation of the past year.

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"We are seeing anxiety provoked by the new changes in education but also by that isolation," he said. "We're seeing depression among children, but we are also seeing changes in their normal behavior."

One change Robeck says parents should be on the lookout for is binging.

"Eating too much, playing too much video games, if there is such a way to manage that; but binging on a Netflix program or something like that," Robeck said.

Robeck says it's not difficult to identify these types of issues in children. Parents just need to pay attention.

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"Listen to what they are saying," he advised. "What are they truly saying? Observe what their behaviors are what they are doing, what they are eating. How they're reacting. Are they regressing or are they getting too aggressive?"

Bridge Counseling Services is the oldest behavioral health facility in Nevada. The organization provides mental health and substance abuse treatment to people of all ages.

While Robeck says his counselors can help your child if they are exhibiting any of these behaviors, parents need to be a big part of their child's recovery.

One way parents can help is to stabilize their child's life.

"Making sure their nutrition is the same. Just because we have changes in our lives doesn't mean that their bedtime shouldn't be the same or getting up shouldn't be the same," Robeck said.

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If your child needs professional help, Bridge Counseling can provide services at a varying pay scale based on a family's financial needs. In some cases, the services will be free.

"If they can't afford to get that treatment under their insurance plan or the copay is too high or what have you, we will work with all clients. We don't refuse service for anybody," Robeck said.

Learn more at bridgecounseling.org or by calling 702-474-6450.

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