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Frank’s RedHot Is Debuting New Products—including Buffalo Ranch

Frank’s RedHot Is Debuting New Products—including Buffalo Ranch
Posted at 11:10 AM, Feb 28, 2020

Buffalo wings and ranch dressing are a classic combination on par with peanut butter and jelly. If you can’t get enough of this flavor mashup, you’re going to love the new Frank’s RedHot Buffalo ‘n Ranch sauce, which perfectly blends buffalo and ranch sauces.

As for how you use it, the possibilities are endless. The product description says this versatile sauce is “great for dipping, topping and cooking.” The brand claims that this concoction combines the spicy heat of Frank’s classic hot sauce with the creaminess of ranch dressing.

The “where to buy” tool on the Frank’s RedHot site is not working at the moment, but Instagrammer @dadbodsnacks spotted it on the shelves at Chicago-based grocery chain Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets:

“Looks like @franksredhot is making a push this year too!” reads the caption on @dadbodsnacks’ snapshot. “I’m TOTALLY good with this. I found that one bottle of thick flavor at my local @angelocaputosfreshmarkets if you’re looking. But I Imagine many Walmarts and other stores should have these soon.”

Here’s hoping! Judging by the response to the post, people are pretty enthused about the new product. The photo has more than 1,300 likes, and people sounded off in the comments with their thoughts on the sauce.

User @sproatscott noted that while’s Frank’s RedHot is normally too hot for them, mixing it with ranch just might be “the way to go” to cool it down a notch.

Other sources have spotted Frank’s buffalo-ranch combo sauce at Giant grocery stores, including The Impulsive Buy and the Instagram account @foodiewiththebeasts, who posted a photo of the sauce along with another one of Frank’s RedHot thick sauce combos: buffalo and BBQ.

Innovation has certainly been the name of the game for Frank’s RedHot lately, as the brand has also introduced Frank’s RedHot Bloody Mary in a can.

Frank’s also teamed up with Dunkin’ to experiment with a Frank’s RedHot jelly donut, an invention that the hot sauce brand deemed “the greatest collab of all time” on Instagram.

Will you check out one of the new Frank’s RedHot products?

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