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Air Force veteran helping others cope with losing loved ones

Posted at 10:31 AM, Oct 27, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A new suicide prevention campaign is focusing on veterans and gun safety.

Chris Jachimiec, an Air Force veteran, is recovering from losing his brother but also moving forward by helping others.

“My brother and I grew up as sort of best friends,” Chris Jachimiec said.

Just two and half years apart - Chris and Adam Jachimiec - were inseparable as kids.

“My mom would take us to an Army surplus store and everything to get Halloween costumes,” Chris Jachimiec said.

They did everything together, even joined the military the same year in 1999. Adam Jachimiec chose the Marines and Chris Jachimiec joined the Air Force.

“They say your sibling is your first relationship and longest relationship that you'll have in your life,” Chris Jachimiec said.

But throughout the years their phone calls began to change.

“You know he loved the Marines and I think his departure really impacted him and changed his life,” Chris Jachimiec said.

In 2017, Chris Jachimiec lost his brother Adam Jachimiec to gun suicide.

“It was a very difficult time for my family, and it was a difficult time for me,” Chris Jachimiec said.

And Chris Jachimiec is now taking a stand in his brother’s honor.

He is teaming up with the campaign to "End family fire" for a new veteran suicide prevention pus that highlights how safe gun storage could play a role in preventing veteran suicide.

Chris Jachimiec says the majority of suicides are by gun suicide, especially in the state of Nevada and safe storage is crucial along with getting the word out to help his fellow comrades.

For families struggling with loss, Chris Jachimiec says remembering your loved one through the good times is important.

“It's like what did they accomplish in their life? What is there you can hold on to, to remember and honor them? Not, the way they passed,” Chris Jachimiec said.