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Las Vegas veteran remembers time in Iraq

Posted at 12:12 PM, Jan 08, 2020

Chris Ashby was in the Army from 1990-1994, a time when the United States entered Iraq.

He was part of many teams that were "firsts" in that area, like stopping the Iraqi guard from leaving Kuwait and being part the team that's credited with bringing the first cell network to Desert Storm.

"The Gulf War was the first major conflict that we had in the area, only to be followed by Iraqi Freedom and then of course Afghanistan and everything since then," said Ashby.

He said when they first got to the area, the Iraqi troops they met were starving and didn't even have shoes, which made him realize an appreciation for the United States.

"We’re the greatest country in the world and the fact that we get to make our choices, we get to choose who leads us and maybe you didn’t vote for the person before that but regardless you’re still going to work, you’re still living a life. We’re not living like these people in other countries," he said.

He continued his career in telecommunications and still works in the cell industry in Las Vegas. He's happily married with a family, and he says he still remembers the lessons he learned in the military to this day.

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