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This top-rated radon detector is 23% off right now

This top-rated radon detector is 23% off right now
Posted at 6:35 AM, May 16, 2022

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Radon is a naturally-occurring, colorless, odorless gas caused by the breakdown of radioactive elements in rock and soil. Since it dissipates quickly outdoors, it’s not generally a health concern there. However, radon exposure indoors can be harmful, so having a radon detector in your home could be lifesaving.

Breathing radon for an extended period can cause lung cancer. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 21,000 people die from radon-related lung cancer every year. Only smoking causes more deaths from that disease.

The CDC says that the only way to determine whether there are high radon levels in your home or place of work is to test for it.

Given that, you might want to invest in a great radon detector. Amazon has you covered: the Airthings Corentium Home Radon Detector, usually priced at $179, is currently marked down 23% right now to $138.

The home radon detector is billed as first battery-operated digital version. This allows it to test radon levels without an electrical outlet. You can also use it for long-term monitoring, which is essential since radon levels fluctuate.


After setup, the device will provide initial radon levels within 24 hours. Unlike other radon detectors that require sending a test to a lab, the Airthings Corentium Home Radon Detector displays the results right on its screen.

According to the manufacturer, the accuracy of readings improves over time. For example, readings will be within 10% of actual radon levels after seven days. After two months, the radon detector’s accuracy should be within 5% of actual levels.

The device requires three AAA batteries, included with purchase. On average, these should last for two years.

You can reset the device if you want to test a different room. You can also use it to generate a radon self-inspection report to record your measurements.


The Airthings Corentium has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon with more than 7,600 ratings. Many customers appreciate the device’s ease of use.

“Set-up was super easy — just pull the plastic tab sticking out of the battery compartment to turn it on,” wrote one reviewer. “It immediately goes to calibration mode, then it goes into detection mode.

Others value the accuracy and the peace of mind it gives them.

“The radon levels can swing WILDLY when air-moving appliances are in use. My basement averaged around 1 pCi/L for months, then shot up to over 5 when we began running the heater,” one customer wrote. “We’re seeing our radon drop to the lowest levels yet due to our improvements, thanks to the help of this tool letting us know what is working and what is not.”

“I am a retired chemist, so I’m concerned about radon emissions. I had absolutely no knowledge of this product or company until I found out that I have a lot of radon in my new home, ” another reviewer wrote. “So, I purchased a model 223 a couple weeks ago and am using it to help me understand the situation while I wait for remediation. It’s doing a wonderful job of informing me of ‘hot spots’ and the average level throughout the house while I hold my breath.”

Are you concerned about radon in your home?

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