Vegas Golden Knights super fan embraces Willy Wonka-themed gimmick

The Vegas Golden Knights are inspiring some super fans.

Mike Almeido is a local season ticket holder. He goes to games dressed up as VGK-themed Willy Wonka. It started at a home game when they put him up on the jumbotron next to the iconic Johnny Depp character.

"This is something that's kind of taken on a little bit more than I expected, but we're having fun with it," said Almeido.

It started with the glasses and he's slowly added to it. He's even got matching VGK shoes and socks. Dressed-up Almeido is very different than Almeido at work. He says there's a contagious community feeling at the games, especially because Las Vegas got its own franchise. This team never played for any other city.

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"They're feeding off of the fans and the fans are feeding off of them and it's created this energy. I've been to a lot of pro sporting events and I can't say there's any that carry the energy and the excitement that's inside T-Mobile," said Almeido.

Fans like Almeido are hoping that energy will help bring home the trophy.

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