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Vegas Golden Knights merchandise mania driving up prices

Posted at 11:16 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 10:08:40-04

Vegas Golden Knights season ticket holders could have a potential payday laying around the house as the team continues its historic run in the inaugural season.

This as complementary posters given out before the Golden Knights home games and other giveaway items are selling for hundreds of dollars online.

They've even spurred a vibrant collector's community among season ticket holders working complete their sets.

"It became a trading community," Jason Laricchia said.

Laricchia has season tickets for his wife and two children and makes the poster tables a priority after following the drum line into each game.

"To have them get excited to go to the poster tables right when we got to the game," Laricchia said.

The father of "Mini Chance" says is surrounded by the posters, collectible pucks, game-used sticks and other items from the teams inaugural season.

"The value to me on them is priceless," Laricchia said.  "The memory it is creating for them is incredible."

But not everyone sees it that way.

That's clear with a quick search of eBay where the promotional items are selling for hundreds of dollars.

The Vegas Strong poster from the Golden Knights home opener sold for $110 on April 3rd.

The promotional puck from that same game sold a day later for $189.

It isn't just items from the first game fetching top dollar, the Chance bobblehead sold for $129 in early April and a complete set of game posters sold for $1,500 Saturday.

Laricchia says he's been a lifelong collector, so he isn't surprised people are giving a value to the free items, but he doesn't have any plans to sell his collection.

"If you went to the game and got one and want to sell it, I don't have a problem with that," Laricchia said. "When you look at that it is $6,000 worth of posters.  I could pay for most of my season tickets for next season.  I'm not going to do that because it is not about the dollar value to me."

The father says he does have a bit of an issue with those who grabbed large stacks of the posters when they saw the increasing value online but says the team has taken steps to prevent people from taking advantage.

Laricchia admits he has one of the giveaway items listed on eBay himself.

It's a Chance bobblehead listed at $5,000, but he said it was put up with a clear disclaimer that it is a joke and that if someone buys it, the money will go straight to the Golden Knights Foundation.

Now, Laricchia is enjoying the playoff run, even heading to Los Angeles with his family where he said his son was given one of Erik Haula's game-used sticks after the team completed the first round sweep of the Kings.