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Married 62 years, couple shares new love for the Vegas Golden Knights

Posted at 10:42 PM, Oct 02, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — To appreciate where David and Lee McGrath are now, you have to start at the beginning.

“We met at a high school football game. White Plains High School. We just walked home and I held her hand and..." David McGrath said.

"We're still holding hands," said Lee, his wife of 62 years.

Born one year apart in the same month -- in the same hospital -- it took David 13 years and Lee 14 to meet. But once they did, there was never another.

“I started calling her up, one thing led to another and the first thing you know we were going steady. That was the beginning of it. We just didn’t know anybody else. We were together and it’s like we always were together," said David.

62 years married, 69 years together -- David and Lee have endured the seasons of life and sport together.

“We loved football and we loved hockey and golf. Every Sunday during the season we were home watching football. Saturdays too. We did the college games. In the fall and winter, it was football and hockey. Spring and summer it was golf," said Lee.

From White Plains, New York the couple spent much of their lives cheering for the Giants and Rangers. But 20 years ago, they moved to Las Vegas and had a hard time getting Rangers games. So they fell away from hockey. That was until two years ago.

“They played the New York Rangers and we’re going to the arena and he [David] looks at us and he said, 'We’re Knight fans. We’re no longer Ranger fans,'" said Lee.

Walking into T-Mobile Arena for the first time to watch their Rangers play the Golden Knights, a switch flipped.

“I was a great Ranger fan but that was my home, now this is my home. And this is my last home and so I gotta go for the home team," said David.

If anyone knows a good thing when he sees it, it’s David, who says the key to a long and happy marriage is actually very simple.

“Never go to bed without kissing goodnight," said David.