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Vegas Golden Knights fan fights to keep season tickets over rising prices

He was struggling to keep up with playoff payments
Vegas Golden Knights fan fights to keep season tickets over rising prices
Posted at 6:12 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 19:06:01-04

Once Jim Palisano heard there may be an NHL team coming to Las Vegas, he's wanted to be a part of it. The Buffalo, New York, native is one of the first to sign up for season tickets with the team, before it even had a name.

Palisano is under a 3-year season ticket commitment with the Vegas Golden Knights. The first two years the prices are fixed, so he knew how much his payments would be. The one variable that he, and most didn't expect to happen for the Knights, were the playoffs.

"I don't think anyone believed they were going to win more than 20 or 30 games," said Palisano.

This would become problematic for him as he was simultaneously making payments toward next year's season tickets and the current playoff rounds.

"I thought maybe if you say, hey, I don't want the playoff tickets because I can't either afford it or just don't want them, that it would be an option. That option was not given."

Palisano was not going to be able to make his next payment with the Golden Knights, and was at jeopardy of losing his season and playoff tickets. That's when he reached out to 13 Action News.

We responded by contacting the head of communications for the Golden Knights on Jim's behalf. Shortly after our inquiry, Jim notified us the team had reached out to find a solution to his issue. Now, Jim's payments for next year's season tickets are being put on hold, and added to his upcoming payments for June, July and August. Jim says he's glad the Knights were willing to help him out, though it's not a perfect solution. 

As he puts it, "There's gotta be some type of understanding that everyone in Vegas is not a millionaire."