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Breaking the Ice: Vegas Golden Knights' defenseman Alex Pietrangelo

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Posted at 8:29 AM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 16:28:18-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The preseason is underway for the Vegas Golden Knights. Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo recently sat down with 13 Action News reporter Tina Nguyen to share more about his Stanley Cup experience and to break the ice.

Nguyen: "Some big changes in the offseason for Vegas. New faces around here, what's something different and exciting that you're looking forward to?"

Pietrangelo: "Well, I think our for depth is going to be really fun to watch. I think we added some elements that could really help us offensively. I think the front office did a good job. Obviously, you don't like seeing your friends leave. But at the same time, I think the depth that we have throughout the lineup is really good for us to have."

Nguyen: "Talk to me a little bit more about last season, how were you guys able to go through COVID-19 and dealing with the everyday adjustments that you had to make?"

Pietrangelo: "Yeah, I guess adjustments is probably a good word to put it. It wasn't easy. I mean, there were a lot of times when the schedules had to change. You were always on your toes. I think the important part for us is when you get in the game, the game was the game. I think doing that we really missed the fans. That’s an element for us, at least in home games that we think is an advantage. So you know, it's one of the reasons that drew me here to Vegas. It's an important part. it's a fun place to play. And now the fans are back. It’s gonna be awesome."

Nguyen: "Winning a Stanley Cup is an expectation around here. You've got one under your belt with the Blues, how does having that experience help you here?"

Pietrangelo: "Well, you know, it's hard to win. I mean, when I was in St. Louis, we'd get teams and make it through the conference finals. We were a couple wins away from getting to the Stanley Cup and then finally we broke through. Sometimes you know, it's just not necessarily changing everything, but getting better at what you do. It takes time to learn how to win in the playoffs, and I think the group here knows how to win. I don't think the success of going to the finals the first year and then making the playoffs every year is a coincidence. I think there’s a lot of guys with a lot of experience, they know how to win."

Nguyen: "What's it going to take for you guys to get back there?"

Pietrangelo: "Doing what we've been doing but just better. Using our depth, and I think we've made some changes systematically that are going to help us to kind of get through that barrier."

Nguyen: "So we’re doing something new here called “breaking the ice.” Is a hot dog a sandwich?"

Pietrangelo: "No, it's a hot dog. Isn't it?"

Nguyen: "Worst habit?"

Pietrangelo: "That’s a good one. Soda. I drink too much diet coke."

Nguyen: "Is cereal a soup?"

Pietrangelo: "No, not a chance. I can’t get on board with that one."

Remember, you can catch the first six Vegas Golden Knights preseason games on KTNV ABC 13. Puck drops at 7 p.m. for Tuesday's game against the Colorado Avalanche.