Henderson restaurant leaning on tech to survive, thrive during pandemic

Posted at 5:16 PM, Jan 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-20 12:25:56-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Businesses are finding innovative new ways to keep their doors open during the pandemic and restaurants are among those being forced to adjust.

13 Action News anchor Tricia Kean shares the technology that is helping some eateries not only survive but thrive.


"I think, adapt or die," says Bell's BBQ owner Eric Lipsky.

Lipsky is embracing technology. He's made sure his Henderson customers can do everything online. That's because the pandemic has changed the way his customers order their food.

"It definitely switched from dine-in to more to-go, takeout and delivery," said Lipsky.


He says a lot of his clientele are seniors from just down the road in Anthem, and contrary to popular belief, they're going high-tech too.

"I was shocked to see how comfortable they were with using the technology that we were offering," said Lipsky.


All of this has Lipsky considering an app for his restaurant.

"Not only are people more comfortable using technology, but they know more," Lipsky said.

Bell's BBQ isn't alone. Many restaurants are turning to mobile apps, to better serve their customers.


"Demand has been up 350%. Morgan Stanley even stated that there have been three years of growth that's been fueled by the pandemic," said Technology Consultant and Mobile App Developer Jason Soto.

Along with the basic mobile app menu and ordering capability, he says many business owners are finally taking advantage of technology's full capabilities.

"Like location-based services. So if I order from a specific restaurant and pull up to that restaurant, the app can tell the restaurant owner I'm there in the parking lot," Soto said.


Push notifications are also a popular feature for many restaurants.

"Those notifications make us stop what we're doing as consumers, take a look at that, engage with the brand. Whether it's for two seconds or two milliseconds, you're still engaging with that brand," Soto said.


And that's what Lipsky wants for Bell's BBQ. He hopes to stay connected with customers while making the ordering process as simple and safe as possible.

"After the year that we've all had, I don't think people will regress after realizing how easy it is to place an order online or on their phone," said Lipsky.

Soto says people are more willing to download an app for their favorite restaurants these days.

In fact, he says the typical smartphone user has four times the number of apps, then they had just a couple of years ago.