What to expect in today's job market in Las Vegas

Posted at 12:57 PM, Apr 15, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Hunting for that next job? Thousands in the Las Vegas valley are looking for work. But it turns out the pandemic is creating some new hurdles for job hunters. 13 Action News anchor Tricia Kean speaks with a hiring expert about what to expect in today's job market.

"It's been rough as a candidate," says job seeker Shannon Archuleta.


She lost her digital marketing job in December of 2019. Then the pandemic shut everything down while she was looking for work. Over the last year she's applied for multiple jobs, but is still waiting for an offer.

"They absolutely are getting pickier. At the same time though, what are they looking for now that the culture of our worklife is remote? So I think they're refining their process just as much as the candidate," says Shannon.


"Times have changed. The market's changed. I mean forever," says Damian Garcia, Regional Vice President at Robert Half Las Vegas staffing and recruitment agency.

A new survey by Robert Half says managers are getting selective because hiring the wrong candidate has a more severe impact on a company than just a year ago. A bad hire can cost a business thousands of dollars.

"What we found is around 30% of the first year starting salary," says Garcia.

So an employee earning $50,000, can cost a business $15,000. Robert Half also found companies waste about 16 weeks or four months on just one hiring mistake.


"If you're having to replace somebody, it's significant those costs to rehire," says Garcia.
But there is some good news. Since the pandemic, many employers are providing more leeway when it comes to time off.

"Whether that's kids being home from school, caring for someone who might be ill or whether that's just changes in their own personal situation, companies I think are more understanding," says Garcia.


Another bonus is working from home. More companies are offering remote jobs and talking to candidates across the country.

"We're seeing candidates in the Clark County area being pulled for remote roles outside of the state. That's happening more and more," says Garcia.

While the hiring process can be slow these days, Robert Half says it's important to take that time and focus on marketing yourself and sharpening your skillset.


"Be open, be adaptable, go in with a great attitude," says Garcia.

That's exactly what Shannon says she's done.

"I got certified throughout the process. I really tried to focus on my mental health given the nature of everything and I do feel positive, especially now that the job market has opened up," says Shannon.