'Tis the season for job hunting

Posted at 11:34 AM, Dec 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 11:42:08-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — People who are out of work are getting pretty worried about landing a job anytime soon. But the old saying "nobody hires during the holidays" is wrong. 13 Action News Anchor Tricia Kean spoke with a Las Vegas area expert who says keep up that job hunt.

"You just gotta keep pushing through," says job seeker Danielle Wall.

She's looking for a job in the I.T. Technology and Security industry. She says it's been slim pickings since losing her job back in June. But, Danielle has kept at the hunt and thinks it's finally beginning to pay off.


"Things have picked up. It was pretty dead getting interviews and even getting my resume seen by people in the last few months," said Danielle.

"But just before Thanksgiving it actually started picking up and I started hearing back from more companies," she added.

"Don't stop looking for a job, even at the end of the year," said job recruiter Sonia Petkewich with Taurean Consulting.


She points out that a lot of companies are given an annual budget for filling open positions. Some employers may be looking to hire before the end of the year.

To be prepared for any opportunity, Sonia says it's important to keep your resume and LinkedIn page updated.

"Take even just a few minutes to update your profile with your most recent project, your most recent skills," she said. "If you've got extra education during this time, taken any classes."


Don't be afraid to also use the holiday season as an excuse for reaching out to old coworkers.

"It's nice just to say, 'Hey, remember me? How are you doing? Happy Holidays!' You never know what that conversation could steamroll into," said Sonia.

And if someone invites you to a COVID-safe holiday gathering, even a virtual one, Sonia says take the chance and go.

"You never know what event you'll go to where you might meet someone who could potentially be your next boss," said Sonia.


Speaking of the holidays, everyone likes a good sale.

Now might be a great time to invest in yourself by taking advantage of holiday discounts for online courses and certifications.

"Whether it's project management, Microsoft office suite," said Sonia. "Any of those things can just put you in a better position when you're asked, 'What did you do while you were laid off?'"

If you were not working, Sonia says to be able to respond with something like "I was taking a course."

"I think that's really attractive to hiring managers," explained Sonia.


The bottom line is don't give up on your job search, even in December.

"People still need to get work done and so they're looking for just the right talent," said Sonia.

Danielle agrees. She's not giving up.

Plus, Danielle says she bought a house just last year and plans on keeping up with those mortgage payments.

"I'm really loving it, the house that I'm in now. I want to keep it and I want to stay where I'm at," said Danielle.