How to dress for success without spending a fortune

Posted at 11:49 AM, Aug 26, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Thousands in the Las Vegas valley are still looking for work. 13 Action News knows it's tough out there and we want to put extra emphasis on jobs. Anchor Tricia Kean introduces us to a couple of local ladies helping people dress for success.


Meet Thrifting Experts Edwina and Shana.

Through their YouTube channel, Thrifters Anonymous, they take valley residents in need of a wardrobe change - like Karen, whose family called her look "frumpy" - to local thrift shops.

Edwina and Shana helped Karen find a more professional look for her new job.

Then there's Adam.

Adam's family said he was stuck in the '70s.

Edwina and Shana took him shopping and helped freshen up his look.

The two say there are some ground rules when it comes to dressing for success.


Rule 1: Hit the thrift store.

"We focus only on going to the thrift stores because it's not about how much you spend on these items it's how you feel and how it represents you," said Edwina.

The girls say you can find plenty of name brands and designer brands.

"All of the designer items I've ever purchased have been from the thrift store, and they're almost 2 to $300 cheaper, oftentimes," said Shana.


Rule number 2: Don't be afraid of colors and patterns.

"If your favorite color is red, wear your red," said Edwina. "If you want blue, incorporate the blue."

"Whatever you feel confident in. I think that's the key," said Shana.

They say too many people feel they have to go conservative when starting a new job or going to an interview.

"They're almost trying to be someone else," said Shana. "If you're going to work for someone, you want to express who you are. Do you want them to know who you are?"


"You should not be uncomfortable with what you wear," said Edwina.

"That should be the easiest part of the interview," she added. "If you're walking around uncomfortable, you're in trouble. It will read all over your face."

But of course, don't be too risque!

"Every business has a different culture and a dress code," explained Shana. "But we always say #MakeYourOwnDressCode. So take the requirements and remember to add some flair. But keep it professional."


Rule number 3: Try it on.

Edwina and Shana say you can't tell how something will fit while it's on the hanger.

This rule might be a little tough right now since many stores don't want you to try on clothes during the pandemic, so make sure you understand the return policy if you end up buying something that doesn't work.


Rule number 4: Forget everything you think you know.

"They have all these invisible rules," said Edwina. "I can't wear yellow. I don't do belts."

"We come here to push their boundaries," she added.

"We're also teaching them to use their own clothes at home. Remember, you don't need a new wardrobe, a brand new three-piece suit, to go on a job interview. You just need one key piece," said Shana.


Finally, rule 5: Have fun!

"Anything they love or speaks to them we tell them to grab it," said Edwina. "Don't think about it."

"Let's try it on and talk about it," she said. "If you think about it you'll hesitate [and] leave it on the rack, and that could be the one item that could have changed your day or your interview."

"They are coming out of the dressing room and looking at us with such happiness and confidence," said Shana. "And when you're going out there, you need confidence."

"That's what we're here to bring them," she concluded.