Don't make these mistakes at your next job interview

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Posted at 5:46 PM, Aug 19, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The pandemic has put a lot of Las Vegans out of work. The latest unemployment rate sits at 14% for July, according to Nevada's employment department.

As 13 Action News works to help you rebound from the pandemic, we want to put extra emphasis on jobs.

13 Action News anchor Tricia Kean looks at the pitfalls you want to avoid during your next job interview.

"I do digital marketing. It's an agency that helps a whole bunch of different industries," said Miguel Delariva Espino who recently started a new job.

He says during an early phone call about the position, he had to answer a lot of questions before he was asked to go in for an interview.

"Right away she put me on the spot," said Miguel.

"She asked me, is this job too far away from you? These are the roles, the things you're gonna be doing every day," he recalled. "Are you comfortable with that?"

He says he did his research, so when the time came, he was prepared.

"Basically when I went into the interview, I felt I was on a level with the hiring managers. I felt really confident," said Miguel.

Job placement experts say, be like Miguel.

"You want to be very present in the interview and focused," said Sonia Petkewich, CEO and Founder of the staffing and recruiting company, Taurean Consulting.

She says there are four common mistakes people are making when it comes to interviews.


Number one: They're not practicing their answers.

"Go to the mirror. Interview yourself. What are my strengths? My strengths are this, my weaknesses are this. Get it out of your system. Say it out loud a few times," said Sonia.

She says you don't want to sound rehearsed, but you don't want to be thinking up an answer at the last minute either.


Number two: If you're nervous, acknowledge it.

"They want the authentic you. They don't want somebody who's faking it for the job. If you are nervous, it's okay. Let them know, I'm sorry, I'm nervous," said Sonia.


Number three: If your interview is virtual, set everything up ahead of time.

She says one particular job candidate recently learned that lesson the hard way when they started having last-minute connection issues.

"So they started saying a bunch of expletives. They were frustrated with themselves in the process but didn't realize the microphone was on. So the manager hears that," said Sonia.

Also, be sure to acknowledge if you have any concerns like you're dog possibly barking. Sonia says employers understand.

"I had someone who just shut off the camera because they were so embarrassed that the dog was barking and the interview just went sideways," said Sonia.

In the end, Sonia says, be sure to dial in at least five minutes early. You never want to keep the employer waiting.


Finally number four: Always ask questions.

"The interview process always ends with questions," she said.

"That's where I think some of the magic happens," Sonia continued. "I think people miss that or they say 'I don't have any questions' and that's just, that's not engaging."

"That means you're not as invested in learning about the opportunity as they are in learning about you," she concluded.