Reset Coach: 5 things to help you rebound from pandemic

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Posted at 2:40 PM, Jul 13, 2021
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The pandemic hit many of us so hard. But as things start getting back to normal, it's important to get yourself in the right frame of mind. 13 Action News anchor Tricia Kean speaks with a local expert about the five things you need to do to rebound from the pandemic.


"For me the pandemic gave me time to pause and really put in perspective what a priority was and getting a balance in my life," says Debbie of Las Vegas.

She says it was time to make some changes. She knew exactly what she needed.

"Well, it had a physical aspect. It had for me a spiritual aspect and emotional aspect," says Debbie.


She just didn't know what steps to take to make the difference. That's when Debbie turned to Reset Coach Barbra Jo Batterman.

"Counselors have a tendency to always make you look back and coaching moves you forward. I felt I was in a place where I wanted to move forward," says Debbie.


"I will be their support system. I'm not judging them," says Barbra Jo.

She says the pandemic has left so many people feeling like they need to make a change. As a Reset Coach, she helps people find a healthy mindset by creating healthy habits. So where do you start? Barbra Jo says the first three steps work in tandem.

"Your system works better if you do three things and it's sleep, exercise and it's eating properly," says Barbra Jo.


Barbra Jo says if those habits are out of whack, you're sure to be as well. Step four is to work on your appearance whether it's the way you dress, a new hairdo, or maybe a little makeup.

"There are simple things you can do, but it works like that. When you look good you feel good," says Barbra Jo.


Step five is once you address necessary changes, set realistic goals. The biggest mistake people tend to make is trying to do too much.

"Don't set these goals for yourself that are unattainable," says Barbra Jo.

Take small steps toward making the appropriate changes and make them part of your regular routine.


"It's that consistency of doing those little things every day and it's really simple. But there's a lot of people that need to be accountable for it," says Barbra Jo.

Debbie says it works! She knows because she's seen the results.


"I really think, what Barbra Jo teaches you is if you don't love yourself, if it doesn't start from the inside, it won't matter what's on the outside... If you want to move forward and you keep saying to yourself 'I can do it on my own' and you didn't, you need a reset coach," says Debbie.

In the end, Barbra Jo says it's about looking in the mirror each day and loving the person you see.

"It's just knowing that you're worth it," says Barbra Jo.