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The Bell Breakdown for your March 12 weekend

Posted at 12:28 PM, Mar 12, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — If this weekend's weather means you'll be inside, why not catch a movie?

Film critic Josh Bell gives you his two top picks in this week's Bell Breakdown.

The top pick this week is the drama "The Father," now playing in theaters. Anthony Hopkins has been deservedly racking up award nominations for his devastating performance as the title character in playwright Florian Zeller's directorial debut. Zeller adapts his own stage production about a man struggling with dementia, and the movie takes the unique approach of telling the story from the perspective of the man himself. "The Father" comes off almost like a horror movie, as Anthony Hopkins' character is never clear on what day it is, or where he is, or who's talking to him. Olivia Colman plays the well-meaning but exasperated daughter who's just trying to do what's best for her father. It's a heartbreaking film about the tragedies of aging and of caring for elderly relatives. That's "The Father," now in theaters citywide.

Now available for video on demand rental is the atmospheric horror movie "Come True." A troubled teenager signs up for a sinister sleep study in this unsettling thriller. Sarah (played by Julia Sarah Stone) just wants to get some rest, but soon her nightmares seem to be seeping into reality, and she has difficulty telling what's real and what's a dram. Writer-director Anthony Scott Burns' film features lots of haunting imagery and has a dreamlike feel from the start. Burns applies a retro aesthetic that adds to the displaced, otherworldly sense of the story. It's more impressionistic than logical, which can be frustrating at times, but mirrors the experience of being immersed in a disorienting dream. That's "Come True," now on VOD.