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Sean and Lou Claggett dedicated to helping others in Las Vegas valley

Posted at 9:32 AM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 12:32:11-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — 2020 is a year many of us would like to forget.

But thousands of Southern Nevadans who needed extra help this year will never forget the hard times they found themselves in.

They are so grateful for nonprofit organizations like HELP of Southern Nevada and their special volunteers.

13 Days and Knights of Giving is recognizing two of our Southern Nevada's most dedicated volunteers -- Lou and Sean Claggett.

They are a married couple who grew up in Las Vegas. They have been spreading good deeds and holiday cheer for more than a decade as dedicated volunteers.

The Claggett and Sykes Law Firm supports many nonprofits in the valley but HELP of Southern Nevada has a special place in their hearts.

They give money, but the law firm staff gives their time. They go out and volunteer for needed events like the Turkey-A-Thon or Diaper Bank several times a year.

Sean and Lou Claggett say they were moved this year by the people who showed up in the food giveaways.

Sean says people he saw some of the people who were giving help last year were needing help themselves this year.

HELP of Southern Nevada is also in need of volunteer help.

Before the pandemic they had 2,000 volunteers. Now, it's far less because of the COVID-19 risk. CEO Fuilala Riley of HELP of Southern Nevada says once you are vaccinated, please reach out to volunteer.

The Claggetts have done that for the past decade providing 84,000 meals for individuals throughout Southern Nevada.

That's why the Claggett's are being recognized in our 13 Days and Knights of Giving.

Sean Claggett says you can change somebodies life and you never know it could be you one day that needs the help.

Here's the link for the volunteer application on the Help of Southern Nevada's website.