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Pretty Worthy to launch swimsuit campaign promoting beauty at every size

Posted at 2:39 PM, Jun 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 02:45:56-04

JUNE 6 UPDATE: The 24 hour giveaway begins June 7 at noon and will go until June 8 at noon. Just head to Pretty Worthy's website to pick your free bathing suit by paying for shipping and handling.

ORIGINAL STORY: Imagine a world with no body shaming and no bullying. Just love and appreciation for yourself and others.

That's the goal of Rosemarie Zack, a Las Vegas local.

"It's about the equality of a woman to really feel pretty and worthy in your own skin," said Rosemarie.

Her new campaign, Pretty Worthy, aims to send that message by showcasing girl models of every size, from extra small to 4XL.

"I kind of thought on the way here that I should be nervous that I'm going on TV in a bikini, but it just feels like normal," said model Tifani Blakely.

Another model, Jenna Ivory, added that she wanted to be part of the Pretty Worthy campaign because she's "all about embracing other sizes." 

A total of 12 models will take part in a photo shoot on Monday. They'll all be wearing a different black bathing suit that makes them feel beautiful.

Then a few days after the photo shoot is finished, Pretty Worthy will launch a website with all the photos of the models in their suits. And that's when the promotion begins.

Customers will have 24 hours to get the bathing suit that best fits their body. The suit doesn't cost anything, though you'll have to pay shipping and handling.

"I hope that everybody embraces their own beauty and is able to see this campaign... reflect off of it and know that they can build and stand with us," said model Amanda Sainz. "We are building an army of beautiful women."

"I want to be here to say, 'Take the towel off, jump in the swimming pool, have some drinks with your friends and enjoy yourself,'" added Johana Sainz, another model.