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Pinspiration, Whisk and Spoon hosts back-to-school cookie decorating workshop

Posted at 8:48 AM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 12:19:43-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Looking for a place where you and your kids can let out some creative expression?

Pinspiration with the help of Whisk and Spoon is teaching kids how to decorate some sweet treats! Pinspiration was initially created by a Las Vegas local with creativity in mind.

With two locations, one in Las Vegas, the other in Henderson, a few local business owners decided to lend their spaces to students as they head back to class, giving them a creative outlet ahead of a potentially busy and stressful school year.

Pinspiration of Las Vegas owner Kris Cesena says art is always a great way to let loose and take your mind off of the day-to-day.

"People were pinning items on Pinterest, all kinds of different crafts, trendy crafts, but nobody was making them. Nobody had a space where they could go and find all of the supplies, all of the tools, make the craft that they wanted and then have the mess left behind. That is the inspiration behind Pinspiration," said Cesena.

A lightbulb went off that has been sparking creativity ever since and is inspiring kids to be innovative.

"Give kids the opportunity to create, to be imaginative and to play," said Cesena.

That's why Cesena along with Anna Foster, owner of Whisk and Spoon, wanted to come together and host an event that will allow students to take a break from school while keeping their imaginations going.

"If the parents can help the kids craft a little gift to bring to the teacher on the first day, or maybe the first week, it really helps build that relationship," said Cesena.

Who doesn't love a sweet treat? One of the latest baking trends is decorating sugar cookies of all shapes, sizes and characters.

Expert baker and cookie decorator Anna Foster says she found her passion in creating her business Whisk and Spoon and wants to pass on her love for creativity to others.

"They can give them to their teachers, they can give them to their other friends; mom's and dads can give them to their kids," said Foster.