O'Callaghan i3 Learn Academy gets summer makeover

Posted at 8:11 AM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 11:11:01-04

Exactly one month before school starts and the Clark County School District needs to fill 599 teaching positions. Hiring is not all they've been working on this summer.
When kids walk through the doors next month, they are in for a few surprises: wobble boards, moveable cushions, tables that convert into dry erase boards. One School converted the library into a cutting-edge workspace. Now it looks like something out of silicon valley.

"I think it's all out of the ordinary. I think it's unique," said Scott Fligor, the principal of Mike O'Callaghan i3 Learn Academy.

The i3 Learn Academy is one of many schools getting a summer makeover. It might be surprising with the recent budget cuts, but all this is paid for through two grants and donations. Whether it's a Lego wall or high tech virtual reality, it's all about one thing.

"The kids are going to want to come to school. I think that that's the main thing," said Gia Moore, the director of magnet schools for CCSD.

Five schools are getting money from these two grants. The cost of the converted library at the i3 Learn Academy is $110,000.