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Vegas man overcomes tragic accident, becomes million-dollar dream homebuilder

Posted at 12:43 PM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-04 00:48:15-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — There are dream homes and there are Dream Homes. 13 Action News recently told you about a mega-mansion in Henderson for sale, selling for around $32.5 million. Anchor Todd Quinones introduces us to the man behind that home and some other Nevada Built homes that belong on any remake of The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

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"Everywhere you walk into this room in this house, one room outdoes the next room," said custom builder Ranny McKee, owner of Elegant Homes.

"And look at this. This is exhibit A right here," said Todd, exiting a glass elevator inside a home that McKee built while looking up at an extravagant chandelier in the new room.

"That chandelier actually cost $50,000. It weighs 500 pounds," said McKee.

And we are only getting started with the tour.

"This is the master?" asked Todd.

"This is the master bedroom," said McKee.

"This is the view that you wake up to every single morning," said Todd.

"Every day you wake up to that view. The view at night is even more spectacular," said McKee.

Elegant Homes


Then there is the Lamborghini parked 20 feet away from the bed.

"When you're a single guy and you have a house like this, I think it's important that you pull up, you pull in your garage door, you hit a button, a lift takes you upstairs, you get out of your car and you go to bed," said McKee.

He installed a lift in the garage to do just that.

"Sure, everyone needs one," said Todd.

"Everybody has to have this," said McKee.

Welcome to a dream home where seemingly nothing is too over the top, including a shower with 43 shower heads, not to mention the basketball court.

All of it is the work of McKee.


"You want to talk about a million-dollar view, this is like a 33-million-dollar view," said Todd.

"It doesn't get better than this. Between the view and the golf course, it's like you're in your own valley," said McKee.

Elegant Homes specializes in building the kind of houses that belong on magazine covers and photo shoots with the stars.


For nearly three decades this Nevada Built company has been building homes for professional athletes and the ultra-successful, like Mark Lindsey, who let us tour his 14,000-square-foot home in the Seven Hills neighborhood of Henderson.

"When you think about what happened to him at a young age and what he's overcome and accomplished, I mean, he's got to be a hero, to me," said Lindsey.

What McKee has been through, many would consider miraculous.

"When you talk about your injury and you talk about your struggles, is this also a sense of pride for you?" asked Todd.

"Oh my God, yeah. The pride just through the roof. I mean my whole life, my dream was to be a custom home builder and to build houses like this from when I was very little," said McKee.

A severe spinal cord injury after a motorcycle accident in 1991 nearly left him paralyzed.


"After I had that accident, from the neck down, it was hard to have the faith that I was going to be able to come back," said McKee.

He persevered, fighting to learn how to walk again before resetting his sights on pursuing his dream.

"My dream was not only to do this but to have a company that took care of their clients. My reputation means everything to me," said McKee.


"This guy gets around. He walks when he was never supposed to ever walk again. And to be and to build a house like this as part of his legacy is amazing," said Lindsey.

His house took three years to build. To say he is happy with the finished product is an understatement. And why wouldn't he be?


"Then you come down here and I feel like I'm about to get on a ride at Disneyland," said Todd.

Elegant Homes

"You're about to because as we step in this other room, there's a rock-climbing wall that will put you right back upstairs," said McKee.

Elegant Homes

"Look at this. This is a rock wall here?" asked Todd.

"Yes, that's a rock wall," said McKee.

A rock wall, built by a rock-solid man, who fought through obstacles to pursue his dream.

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