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Las Vegas company printing in large scale

Posted at 5:07 PM, Jul 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-15 16:56:49-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — There's an old saying, "the writing is on the wall." However, for one Las Vegas business, the writing can be on anything you want.

13 Action News anchor, Kalyna Astrinos, takes us inside a Nevada Built company helping businesses deliver messages on everything from banners, to buildings and even cars.

"Dye sublimation, direct printing, UV, latex, kind of have our hands in all of the printing areas," said Rob Jamison, VP of Operations at Altitude Color Technologies.


Look up, or even on the floor and you'll see their work.
Altitude Color Technologies, near Valley View Boulevard and the 215 is a large format digital printing company, putting their work on just about anything you can imagine.

Jamison says you can find most of their work at just about any convention in the country.

"Every time there's a show in Las Vegas or even in other towns, we are a presence at 90 percent of the shows," Jamison said.

During the pandemic, they even started marketing to consumers at home.

"We can stretch a picture of your loved ones, print it on canvas, stretch it on wood and make fine art pieces," he said. "Or I can make you personalized pillowcases for your house."

The secret to creating these quality pieces starts with experience.

"My husband and his father actually started the company in 1998," said vice president, Jennifer Folk.

After doing this for more than two decades, she says the workforce here is like family.


"It's great to be part of the community and continue to grow. Everybody in town and our employees, they're such hard workers. We love them," Folk said. "They are our family, and we wouldn't be here without them."

The other half of their success comes from Altitude's willingness to invest in the best equipment.

"Technology has helped a lot, speeding up the printers. Bigger, better computers driving the printers. Being able to do things with printers that once you weren't normally able to do," Jamison said.

What they do here goes beyond just printing. Rob says the company is all about problem-solving.

"A majority of the projects coming through here is somebody saying, solve this problem for me. I need to get graphics on this structure or on this, that or the other thing. And then as industry professionals, we know the products to use. How to apply them and we guide our clients and create solutions for them," he said.

Rob says when clients are under tight deadlines, that's when his company really shines


"Our clients are in a pickle. It's Sunday at 10 p.m. The show starts on Monday. We're the company that will be willing to come down here at 10 on a Sunday night, help our clients out, get the stuff delivered," Jamison said.

It's that customer service that Jamison says will keep Altitude Color Technologies running for many more years to come.

"We do well for that client, they tell their buddy, then I have a new client coming in and say, 'hey, I heard you're doing graphics for these guys. I heard it's working great.' I gained a new partner," he said.

Altitude Color Technologies has more than 30 employees and they're currently hiring. They're looking to fill positions in printing, graphic design and sales.