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Nevada Army Guard grants local girl's wish

Posted at 11:57 AM, May 26, 2016
Constance Perry could use a lift. The Nevada Army National Guard’s 1864th Transportation Company made that happen.
Perry, 14, who suffers from an aggressive form of cancer that makes it difficult for her to walk under her own power, was able to fulfill her dream of joining the military when Brig. Gen. Zachary Doser, the Nevada Army National Guard’s Assistant Adjutant General, swore her in as an honorary Soldier for a day with the Nevada Army National Guard on May 14.
“I just met Constance, and she is already inspiring me,” Doser said.
Perry was front and center at the morning’s first formation where she was promoted from a private to a private second class in the 1864th ranks.
She then participated in her first mission: ride in a truck convoy with the 1864th to pick up and move cargo – a surprise electric wheel chair donated by a local Las Vegas family.
The chair was stationed in a large box atop a trailer at the Love’s Travel Stop off I-15 in North Las Vegas. The 1864th crew secured the trailer and its precious payload, returned with it to the North Las Vegas Readiness Center and presented it to Perry.
The unit was able to incorporate its drill training of route planning, strip map development and convoy coordination to accomplish the mission.
“When the 1864th heard of her story we wanted to do whatever we could to allow this young girl to have her wish come true,” said 1st Sgt. Joseph Rourke with the 1864th.
Constance wanted to be just like her uncle, Jonathan Perry of Elko, who medically retired from the Nevada Army Guard as a sergeant in 2014. He served with the 1864th and the 593rd transportation companies, deploying to Iraq (2006) and Afghanistan (2012), and he was the one who presented his niece’s wish to the Nevada National Guard.
Members of the 1864th also donated items so that Perry will have a complete military uniform, including personalized name tapes and dog tags, just like her uncle used to wear.
Constance lives in Las Vegas with her mother, Christy Perry and her older sister Caitlin.