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Las Vegas veteran helps others navigate changing job market through Employ NV

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Posted at 8:36 AM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 19:25:08-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas veteran is using his love for education to help others get trained for the ever-changing job market.

“My parents couldn’t afford to send me,” said Frank Woodbeck, who had big dreams to head to college when he was a kid.

He decided to join the Air Force when he was 17 to help pay for college.

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After serving four years and two tours to Vietnam during the Vietnam War, he started his path to obtain his degree.

“It taught me responsibility and maturity for sure,” he said.

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Woodbeck graduated with a degree from the University of Buffalo and is currently the executive director for grants and special projects at the College of Southern Nevada. Now, he’s helping others find the career best suited for them.

“An educated workforce meant a qualified workforce, which meant an education," explained Woodbeck. "You had to have an opportunity for workers to become educated in whatever field they may be in."

Employ NV is Woodbeck's latest project.

He’s working closely with Workforce Connections to get people reskilled in five specific areas: advanced manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, skilled trade, and logistics.

“We want to embrace an individual to see where their skill sets lie and guide them as best we can to a comfortable transition into a new job,” Woodbeck said.

Once they’re reskilled, Workforce Connections will link people with companies who are hiring.

“People should not be embarrassed by this, thousands of people have been displaced and we want to help,” he said.

Woodbeck was able to find his career path through education and is now helping others fulfill their long-term career goals as well.

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“I have a willingness to work and serve. For me it's enjoyable and satisfying to see someone fulfill what they want to be in their career,” said Woodbeck.

At the beginning of November, the College of Southern Nevada is placing six rapid recovering centers around Southern Nevada to help displaced workers get connected to their program and start the reskilling process.

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If you want more information head to the College of Southern Nevada website csn.edu.

You can also contact Workforce Connections NVWorkforceConnections.org.

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