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Henderson continues to improve Pittman neighborhood

Posted at 9:26 PM, Mar 01, 2017

The city of Henderson has been working to improve the Pittman area for years, and Wednesday, they wrapped up another improvement project.  

The Pittman neighborhood isn't one of the nicest in Henderson, but it is one of the oldest. Habitat for Humanity has spent years trying to clean it up.  

"This is 9 out of 10 homes that we're building on 2 adjacent blocks," says Mike Borden, the chairman for Habitat for Humanity.  

On Wednesday, they dedicated another house in the neighborhood.

"I'm very excited," says Tiffany Stewart, a single mom of four who earned the home through Habitat for Humanity. "It just seems so surreal." 

The once blighted neighborhood has improved and now has row after row of picture perfect homes.  

The city says the area still has work to do, but with the help of Habitat for Humanity, they say it's a good start. 

"Habitat doesn't just place a home in an area, we try to revitalize a whole neighborhood," says Borden. 

If you want to learn more about the application process to earn a home through Habitat for Humanity, you can find the requirements here.