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Vegas Vickie removed from Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Downtown's Vegas Vickie looking for new home
Downtown's Vegas Vickie looking for new home
Downtown's Vegas Vickie looking for new home
Posted at 11:45 AM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 21:17:07-04

Downtown Las Vegas' beloved cowgirl, Vegas Vickie, has to find a new home.

Vegas Vickie was removed from her perch overlooking the Fremont Street Experience on June 12. The iconic piece of Las Vegas history was removed to make way for the construction of the new hotel and casino that is taking place of the Las Vegas Club.

But don't worry, Vegas Vickie won't disappear forever.

D Las Vegas owner Derek Stevens, who purchased the property where the Las Vegas Club is located, says he is a big fan and he is actively looking for a new home for the iconic sign.

The sign was created in 1980 by Ad Art's Jack Dubous and Charles Barnard for Bob Stupak's gentleman's club named Glitter Gulch. Her originally name was Sassy Sally but that was changed to Vegas Vickie.

She gained national attention in 1994 when she "married" her neighboring neon cowboy, Vegas Vic, who currently stands over the former Pioneer Club building.

In 2016, Derek and Greg Stevens acquired three Granite Gaming Group properties, including Topless Girls of Glitter Gulch, Mermaids and La Bayou casinos. Glitter Gulch and Mermaids will be incorporated into their plans for the site of the Las Vegas Club, which will become a new resort-casino concept on the world-famous Fremont Street Experience.

The Fremont Street Experience said the Vegas Vickie sign will be restored, but it's still not clear where it will end up. Still some folks said even though there's sure to be more change, there are just some things that should remain the same. Ruth Leventhal was one of them.

"I think all the things that are here should stay here," Leventhal said. "I don't like Vegas being torn apart or anything like that. It's changing everywhere, but I like the old Las Vegas."

But not even an icon can get in the way of progress. Vickie has to go to make way for construction on a new hotel casino that will replace the Las Vegas Club. It's not lost on anyone 13 Action News spoke to that Vickie will be separated from her hubby, Vegas Vic.

Sean McNaughton was visiting from Scotland and said he doesn't like that idea at all.

"It wouldn't be the same though," he said. "Between her and the guy.  That's what makes this street. It's what I always see in films."