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Unique, affordable finds at Vegas Food Expo

Posted at 7:40 AM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 11:38:41-04

There was a lot of interesting stuff at the 2018 Vegas Food Expo at the Westgate.

Some of the coolest stuff is cheap and out now.

One item is a tasty contradiction: bread-less breadcrumbs called Pork Panko. Now you can fry up your favorite foods and coat it with more meat.

"Yes! We're shaking up the bread crumb world. Who knew you could add some protein?" said Julia Charquero, a partner in Bacon's Heir, the maker of Pork Panko.

Pork Panko is great for people with gluten sensitivities or special diets. One box is only $3.99 online.

For just a few more dollars you could buy a packet of California Wine Slush. It's great if you want a blended drink, but don't want hard alcohol. The idea started fermenting years ago.

"When I was in college we used to play around with things, like a typical college kid. I used to play around with things and this is something that's just kind of left over from that era," said Chuck Smith, the owner of California Wine Slush.

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Finally, you can pre-order the Flatev online for about $200. With just one pod you can make crepes, roti, flatbreads, and tortillas.

The machine uses more than a dozen different pods. You don't even have to add water.

The cutting edge of food technology is sweet and savory!