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The Bell Breakdown for your May 21 weekend

Posted at 11:57 AM, May 21, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — While we for some movies to release, there's new movies you can watch right now.

Film critic Josh Bell has his two foreign picks in this week's Bell Breakdown.

It's a slow week for major new releases, so we have a couple of international thrillers to recommend. First up is the Australian crime drama "The Dry," now playing at the new Art Houz Theaters downtown and available for video on demand rental. A major box-office hit in Australia earlier this year, this slow-burn murder mystery follows a relatively familiar formula. Eric Bana plays a big-city cop who returns to his rural hometown to investigate the murder of his childhood best friend, uncovering many buried secrets along the way. Filmmaker Robert Connolly (working from a bestselling novel by Jane Harper) delivers an effective take on a well-worn genre. He makes great use of both Eric Bana (as a stoic but sensitive detective) and the gorgeous, harsh setting of the arid Australian plains. That's "The Dry," now at Art Houz and on VOD.

Also available for video on demand rental is the Danish dark comedy "Riders of Justice." Mads Mikkelsen stars in this offbeat movie that takes a familiar revenge story and subverts into something stranger. Mikkelsen plays a military veteran seeking to avenge his wife's death after she was killed in a train accident that he believes was actually a planned gang hit. Although it features plenty of violence, Riders of Justice is as much an absurd comedy and a meditative drama as it is a thriller. Writer-director Anders Thomas Jensen ponders existential questions and delves into complex emotions surrounding grief, while still providing exciting action and suspense. That's "Riders of Justice," now on VOD.