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Brawl in Ohio principal's office caught on video

Posted at 5:50 AM, Dec 17, 2015

How does a high school student walk into the assistant principal's office and attack another student while three others stand at the doorway videotaping the fight on cell phones?

That's what the victim's mother wants to know after watching him — on video — get beat up at Fairfield High School in Southwest Ohio last week.

The video is all over social media and shows assistant principal Karin Hansee caught in the middle.

The video starts with the attacker walking into the office and standing in front of the victim, who is sitting across a desk from Hansee. The attacker confronts him.

Attacker: "Hey, bro, why are you trying to (unintelligible)?"

A startled Hansee responds.

Hansee: "Excuse me, you can't use the  f-word in here."

Attacker: "Why are you trying to start s***?"

Hansee:  "And why are you walking into my office? Bye!"

Then the attacker starts throwing punches. Hansee yells and rushes out from behind her desk. A male staffer runs through the door and dives in to break up the fight as Hansee yells "Get" and slams the door on the students shooting video.

"The offender struck the victim in the face a couple of times with a closed fist," Fairfield Police Officer Doug Day said. "The offender was arrested and then released to his mother."

The fight, which happened Dec. 11, involved two 16-year-old boys, according to Day. The attacker was commenting about a fight that happened on Dec. 8  before he started punching, Day said.

The victim suffered a bloody nose and lip.

Day said he doesn't know the name of the male staffer who stopped the fight.

The victim's mother said there is a feud between her son and the other students and she wants to get him out of Fairfield High. She says the problems are "back and forth … back and forth.

"I saw the video one time. It was just a big scramble," she said. "I felt really bad for the assistant principal, but it shouldn't have gotten that far."

She wondered how the teens were able to get back into the office in the first place.

The district declined to speak about the issue except in this statement:

"A male student assaulted another male student on Friday, Dec. 11. Police were notified and are involved. Other students are also facing consequences because of their role in the incident."

All students involved were disciplined by the district.