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Veteran makes wheelchair snowplow

Posted at 7:24 AM, Jan 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-25 10:24:12-05
Justin Anderson is one of the few people you'll find who welcome that nasty weather with a warm attitude. 
The Iraq war veteran is on a mission to help his neighbors. He's fashioned a snow plow wheelchair, using it to plow sidewalks in his neighborhood and the school across the street. 
"I wanted to make sure the cross walks are clear, and just make sure the kids can get to school," he explains. "Then I'll go around and help {my neighbors}, depending on how much snow there is." 
During Tuesday's snow, Anderson says he was out for about four hours. To make the chair, Anderson, who by day works on motorcycles, welded a blade to his all terrain electric chair. He says the chairs on-the-fly tilt helps him adjust the height of the blade as he pushes snow. Anderson says he's gotten some looks and picture requests. His neighbor posted on Facebook and has lead to his story going viral. 
"I never thought it would get that reaction. I got a phone call from a buddy in California, who said they say me on their morning news." 
That's only part of Anderson's story. In addition to surviving a gun shot and shrapnel in combat and loosing a leg because of that injury. He's also battled brain cancer. 
"I was in remission for only about two months and then it came back. So then I had to go into a little more aggressive treatment. "
Anderson's in remission now, plowing away. He says he hopes his story isn't just about spreading the snow or the battles he's faced. He says, above all, it's about spreading the word of hope for vets like him.
"I want to help inspire other veterans with mobility issues. There are still things you can do that you thought you might not be able to do after your injury."