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Vandals egg Oceanside home, deface Trump sign

Posted at 5:57 PM, Feb 07, 2016

An Oceanside woman says vandals targeted her political sign.

Kerri Youngdale says she came home from church Sunday morning to find her sign supporting candidate Donald Trump vandalized.

"It has a smiling face, and the word ''f" you, 'f'' you a-hole,' but the full word, signed 'a Mexican,'" said Youngdale.

The vandal also egged her garage.

"I know if you're angry and you want to hurt someone you might write on their sign or throw eggs at their house,  but it doesn't prove anything other than that you're a vandal and you don't respect someone else's property," said Youngdale.

Youngdale said this is the first time in 20 years she's been passionate enough about a candidate to put up a sign.

She just started displaying them in her yard on Brandeis Drive on Thursday.

"I understand that people can have a different view on immigration and specifically illegal immigration and how we rein in illegal immigration. It's just that you need to get active and vote, " said Youngdale. 

Youngdale is extending an open invitation to whomever damaged her property. She's going to leave her sign up - curse words and all.