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Ohio HS students get pepper-sprayed for extra credit

Posted at 7:31 AM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 10:31:44-04

A high school in Ohio is providing students a unique way to earn extra credit.

Barberton High School students were given the opportunity to be pepper-sprayed, with their parent permission, as part of a class exercise. The video of the student lining up on a wall and being sprayed quickly went viral.

"It felt like sticking your face into a bonfire," said student Joshua Horvath. "It teaches us what we're going to be doing in the field. It keeps kids out of trouble because once you learn at a younger age, you're like 'oh, yeah, I don't wanna do that again.'"

The students are part of a criminal science class at the high school and received extra credit for participating.

This isn't the first time students have volunteered for a unique exercise, they've also been shocked with stun guns as part of the class. It may seem extreme but the parents of the students see the value in the exercises.

"It's an excellent program," said Melody Steinhour, a parent of one of the students. "The philosophy is, if you're going to carry pepper spray, or you're going to carry a Taser, and use it as a weapon, you need to know what it feels like before you inflict that pain on someone else."

Las Vegas is home to many magnet programs, but there's yet to be a similar situation occur in the city. Would you be open to allowing your son/daughter participate in such an exercise?