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Iguanas freezing, falling out of trees in Florida

Cold-stunned sea turtles washing up on shores
Posted at 12:08 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 17:01:24-05

When people think of iguanas they think tropical climates, palm trees, and humidity – snow and freezing temperatures are rarely mentioned. 

The exception is when a huge storm hits usually warm climates and brings unexpectedly cold temperatures.The cold temperatures in Florida this week have caused iguanas to freeze and fall from trees.

That's right, it's practically snowing iguanas.

They may not actually be dead though. Iguanas are coldblooded animals. When the temperature falls below 50 degrees, they become sluggish. When it falls below 40, they become immobile. That's why they start falling out of trees.

That does not necessarily mean they are dead. If the sun reaches them, they will most likely warm up and start moving again. 

Iguanas are not the only animals being affected.

There are also reports of sea turtles off the coasts of Texas and Florida that are "cold stunned." A cold stunned sea turtle is one that has become hypothermic due to cold weather, according to the National Park Service

According to, nearly 1,000 turtles have washed up on Texas coast so far.