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Zero Fatalities unveils its new program tagline 'Lives are on the Line'

Posted at 10:32 PM, Nov 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-18 01:34:17-05

Zero Fatalities, a Nevada Department of Public Safety and Transportation program with the ultimate goal of achieving Zero Fatalities on Nevada’s roadways, unveils its new program tagline today, reminding Nevada road-users that “Lives are on the Line.”

Replacing the decade-old tagline “Drive Safe Nevada,” the new tagline conveys a sense of urgency and responsibility to all Nevadans to take action to reduce, and eventually eradicate, roadway fatalities because Lives are on the Line.

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So far in 2020, a year when Nevadans were asked to stay home, the state has seen an 8% increase in roadway fatalities across all behaviors compared to this same time last year.

As the year ends, and moving into 2021, Zero Fatalities calls upon all Nevadans to take the matter of traffic safety personally and practice safe driving behaviors because when it comes to friends and family, Zero Fatalities is the only acceptable number.

“The thought process behind the new tagline was to leverage the collective experience we’ve had throughout the past year. It is remarkable to witness the speed at which the general public’s everyday behaviors have changed in order to combat the current pandemic,” said Zero Fatalities Program Manager, Andrew Bennett. “The ‘Lives are on the Line’ tagline taps into that mindset by emphasizing that it is everyone’s personal responsibility to always drive sober, watch out for each other, always buckle up, focus on the road and check your speed in order to reach our goal of Zero Fatalities on Nevada’s roadways.”

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Zero Fatalities encourages Nevada road-users to practice safe driving behaviors, including checking speed, always driving sober, watching out for each other, and riding safely.

Zero Fatalities will look to continue amplifying this message locally and nationally through marketing efforts, grassroots engagement within the community, and public forums like the 2020 Traffic Safety Summit in December. Additional resources and information on how to remain vigilant in safe driving behaviors can be found at zerofatalitiesnv.com.