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Neighbors get help after living near trashed home for a week

Posted at 6:11 PM, Nov 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-24 21:45:31-05

Some Valley homeowners spent their Thanksgiving dealing with a heap of trash dumped out on their neighbor's front lawn.

Shoes, furniture, a washing machine and even several bed frames littered the front lawn of a home near Vegas Valley and Lamb Friday.

According to Jodi Jones', whose father lives next door to the mess, the renters of the home dumped the trashed after they were evicted a week ago.

"To I guess give it to the owners, I guess they trashed the place," Jones said.

But the mess quickly became an issue for the Jones' family as it brought along a terrible stench and dozens of flies.

"I thought wow at first and was kind of disgusted," Jones said.

To make matters worse, Jones said her 12-year-old niece has witnessed several people coming up to the home and taking the belongings.

"They would always come with a cart and grab things," said Beverlee Brown.

In this case, the renter would not be responsible for picking up the trash and the responsibility would fall on the homeowner.

13 Action News was able to reach the homeowner by phone Friday. He said he had seen the trash, but was unable to rent a dumpster because of the holidays.

"Monday the dumpster is coming and it will be loaded with all that debris," said owner Ken Stewart.

Stewart did end up coming to the home Friday and picking up most of the trash and storing it inside the home's garage. He said he does still plan to rent the dumpster and throw out the trash permanently.