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Woman says panhandler popped her tire at intersection

Posted at 11:20 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 02:20:41-04

A teenage driver says she was at a red light at Charleston and Lamb when a panhandler asking for money popped her tire when she said she didn't have any change to give.

Kayla Howes says she's only had her car for a few weeks now, and Sunday night she was driving to pick up supplies at a Halloween store.  But she never made it there.

She says she was stopped at the intersection and was the first car in line when a man came up to her slightly rolled down window asking if she had any money.  When she said no, she assumed he and his friend would just move on to the next car.  But instead, she saw them again in her side view mirror.

"I saw him bend down near my tire, but I thought he dropped something and didn't think anything of it," she says.

But the situation seemed sketchy so when the light turned green she wanted to get away from them.  But she says a few miles later, she heard the popping noise and realized her tire was going flat.

She says after her car was towed, and she got the tire replaced, they found the nail and realized it had been spiked.

Now, Howes wants to warn other drivers and says from now on, she'll be keeping her windows rolled up.  She also filed a report with police, who are investigating the incident.