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Who is responsible for damage caused by stolen car?

Posted at 10:11 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-06 01:32:05-04

The bizarre story of a car stolen from a repair shop and destroying two cars in a big crash is raising even more questions.

This as Jamila Chatman is demanding answers after her SUV was stolen from a repair shop before the suspect crashed into two other cars Thursday injuring one person.

"Called and said my car got stolen. How did my car get stolen," Chatman said.

Police say the suspect, Khiare Taylor, took the keys off a clipboard at a Meineke Car Care Center and left with the SUV.

A GPS tracker eventually helped them locate the car, but not before Taylor crashed.

"Literally my car is totaled out.  I have five kids," Chatman said,

The mother says she is still waiting to find out who will cover the damage.

An attorney specializing in the industry says in these situations, auto repair shops are tasked with taking reasonable care to make sure others do not have access to the customer's car.

The lawyer telling 13 Action News the deciding factor will likely be around how visible the clipboards are to regular customers and how those clipboards are stored to limit access to the keys.

The attorney also said Chatman should not be held liable for the damage to the other cars caused by the suspect crashing her car.

Until Chatman gets her answers, she says her family is without a way to get around.

"Now I'm going to have to get on the bus thanks to Meineke," Chatman said.

An employee at the Meineke Car Care Center where Chatman's SUV was stolen from said the manager was not at the shop Friday afternoon to comment.  Emails to the company's corporate representatives were not returned.