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What happens next? Renaming Las Vegas' McCarran Airport

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Posted at 10:46 PM, Feb 16, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Clark County commissioners have cast their votes in favor of renaming Las Vegas' airport, but there are still several steps to go before air traffic control maps to reflect Harry Reid International Airport instead of the current McCarran International Airport.

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13 Action News asked the Federal Aviation Administration how Tuesday's vote at the county-level impacts the federal agency. This is what the FAA had to say:

The FAA doesn’t approve airport name changes. However, we must complete some administrative tasks before we officially recognize any name change. These include processing the change to ensure proper tracking of federal grant-agreement obligations, as well as revising the Airport Master Record and air traffic control maps to reflect the new name.

A Clark County spokesperson also clarified that "we’re at step one of a multistep process."

Beyond getting the paperwork to FAA and awaiting its review, the county reiterated that all costs associated with the name change will come from private contributions, not taxpayer money.

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The cost is estimated at around $2 million. But, the county may already be halfway there.

A few hours after the vote, a businessman close to Reid stepped forward with a pledge to help generate the funds.

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Founder of Diamond Resorts International Stephen J. Cloobeck says he will start a nonprofit in the coming weeks and wants to donate the first $1 million from his foundation.