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VIVA LAS VEGAS: Many jobs available, employers competing with unemployment benefits

Employers see fewer applicants
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Posted at 6:31 PM, Apr 26, 2021
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Las Vegas continues to see a resurgence of visitors and a hiring spree for workers to keep up with demand but experts and employers believe there are several forces keeping people away from open jobs including fears of COVID-19 and enhanced unemployment benefits.

On Monday, Allegiant Stadium began the process of hiring more than 2,000 employees in preparation for summer and fall filled with football and other events.

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It remains to be seen how long it will take to fill those positions.

Other companies, both large and small, report they are having difficulty finding people who are willing to work.

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"There's not a single factor, I think there's a number of factors that are coming into play," said Jeremy Aguero, principle analyst at Applied Analysis.

Aguero points to potential fears regarding the still-lingering pandemic, robust stimulus, enhanced federal unemployment benefits and a disconnect between available jobs and the skill sets people currently have.

"I think, most notably, is the fact the fact that the economy is sort of seem to picked up momentum I think a little faster than people kind of anticipated," added Aguero.

"This is arguably one of the most difficult times ever to find new people, new great people to join your company," said Andre Carrier, Chief Operating Officer with Eureka Casinos.

Carrier adds the struggle is not isolated to any one particular type of job, especially in hospitality.

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"Recruiting people to our valley to fill the essential jobs in our service economy at every level, from the last three feet with the customer, to our central supervisors and talented managers, this is calling all cars," added Carrier.

Carrier also notes the pandemic will have unknown, lasting impacts on practices and changes that were necessary to operate under the public health measures.

He also says the notion of virtual casinos, which have been around for years and may have attracted people during the shutdowns, will not replace the traditional, brick and mortar, casino experience.

Carrier predicts the pool of available worker talent in Las Vegas will remain tight as venues prepare for the second half of 2021, pointing to Resorts World's long-awaited opening in June.

"It's good news, you know, I mean every time something else opens up it's good news," said Anthony Curtis of LasVegasAdvisor.com

"I think Allegiant opening could probably qualify as great news, you know this is a high profile part of Las Vegas now it's great to see it in action," added Curtis.

Curtis says capacity increases, expected on May 1, and 100% by June 1, means all types of businesses are clamoring to hire employees after having to trim payrolls for most of 2020.

Aguero predicts the labor market will remain in tight conditions for at least the next 90 days adding employers may have to resort to "wage inflation" to attract higher-tier candidates to fill positions.

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