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Las Vegas resident from Afghanistan reacts to Taliban takeover

Afghanistan Taliban
Posted at 7:05 PM, Aug 16, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In the Las Vegas valley, people with family members in Afghanistan have been watching the news very closely, nervous about what could happen to their relatives.

Families have been left in devastation after seeing their homeland in such a desperate state.

Sayed Najibi, a Las Vegas resident originally from Afghanistan, said he has been hiding his true emotions to be strong in front of his wife, children and granddaughter.

But inside, Najibi said, he is torn just thinking about his family back in Afghanistan, suffering from the Taliban takeover and is unsure what will happen next for them.

“They are without food, shelters, they have nothing. Some of them are even going to lose their home and stuff they used for the fighting,” said Najibi.

His sisters and other relatives there are telling him the Taliban is putting out the message that everything will be fine.

Najibi said his nieces and nephews have not been able to return to school and his family is concerned about their education and their development under return to Taliban rule.

“The system is not there, there are no jobs, there is no factories for all the goods that people in Afghanistan have and people live like that, that is very sad,” Najibi explained.

With the Taliban taking over the capitol city, thousands have packed the terminals to try to jump onto planes. He said his people have gotten to a point where they are so nervous and desperate, they will put their lives in danger just to escape.

“That shows that those people are fed up, they want the people in the world to look at it, they want the United States government to look at it, the united states senate to look at it, the citizen of this country to look at it, these people have good hearts.”

A member of the Las Vegas Afghan Community Facebook page said there will be a protest to raise awareness about this situation on Aug. 17 at 5 p.m. in front of the Clark County courthouse.