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Valley community calls for peace in Ukraine at rally

Oksana Baiul among attendees
Rally for Ukraine
Posted at 11:59 PM, Mar 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-06 03:05:38-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Showing solidarity thousands of miles away from the war zone. Valley Ukrainians rallied in Las Vegas Saturday to protest the Russian invasion of their country and call for peace. Local leaders and an iconic Ukrainian figure joined them.

“United we stand. United we stand!”

A rallying cry amid a sea of blue and yellow in front of Las Vegas city hall. Emotions being expressed with a call to action to federal lawmakers in Washington about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Close the sky, close the sky.”

“The danger that is there, it’s not ‘might come tomorrow’. It is happening to every country in the world.”

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Mariana Sobol, a show vocalist on the strip says the fight in Ukraine is a fight for world democracy. Her family still in eastern Ukraine where she is deeply worried for their safety.

“Everyday. Everyday a few times a day. There are people who cannot leave their houses,” she said.

She was part of a rally to show solidarity with the country. Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Stavros Anthony presenting a certificate of recognition signifying the city standing with the Ukrainian people. Ukrainian Olympic champion Oksana Baiul choking back tears as she spoke to the crowd.

“This is a rally for the peace of Ukraine.”

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“My heart is broken and it’s with the Ukrainian people right now., I could not be more grateful for every single person who came in support,” Baiul said.

Sobol says while Baiul is a big sports star she was moved by her presence.

“I saw Oksana making a speech. It was not Oksana, the skating figure person, it was a human right?” she said.

She is proud of the courage of her countrymen in standing against aggression.

“I’m sure Ukraine is going to stand and I’m sure that peace will be soon,” Sobol said.

The Ukrainian community will continue to hold more events and concerts to help raise money for the people there.