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Valley businesses deal with inflation and employee wages

HopeLink Job Fair
Posted at 3:58 PM, Mar 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-23 22:44:41-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Las Vegas valley businesses are trying to keep up with inflation when it comes to employee wages.

"Hiring has been difficult lately, not going to lie. We hit a little bit of a lull at the beginning of the year," said Fastlane Coatings owner Kimberly Esparza.

Fastlane Coatings is in the market for more workers. Setting up at the HopeLink job fair, Esparza is looking for new concrete coating installers with the pandemic growing her business.

"Everyone was staying on for home improvement, so it really helped us flourish as a company,” she said.

This meant offering competitive wages and also helping retain their own employees who are dealing with rising gas prices and rent.

"We just raised all of our current employees by $2 to $3 an hour to help with the inflation and the rising cost of everything right now,” Esparza said.

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It's no different for Casia Cook with Mr. Fries Man in North Las Vegas. The Black-owned franchise is looking for prep cooks and cashiers, and has increased starting wages from pre-pandemic days.

"We offer them a bit of competitive wages over the threshold of minimum wage," Cook said.

This comes as businesses across the country are grappling with the need to increase wages. Compensation consulting firm Pearl Meyer projects pay increases for workers to surpass $% this year, with nearly all businesses surveyed saying they will increase pay. This is higher than the $3 it originally forecast.

Esparza says the efforts to retain current employees result in better customer service.

"It has made a huge difference for us to be able to retain quality employees and for our customers to get that quality result," she said.

If you are someone who’s still looking to work, we have job listings available here.

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